Monday, December 7, 2009

Fans Fight Back: "He doesn't want this, Neither do we!"

I am joining the many, many fans over at Thinking Of Rob in this campaign against the paps and their invasive ways of getting pics of Rob. It is bullshit that they pin him up against a wall to get a shot of him. Those paps are fucking leeches that need to be stopped, not only for Rob, but all celebs out there. These people just don't know when to stop.

Thinking Of Rob said it best when they said this:

Due to recent paps pics of Rob that came out today and invasive ones taken before (chasing Rob while he’s driving, taking pictures of him from rooftops), the fans are standing up and fighting back. We want the paps to know that we don’t want to see pics like these, so stop taking them. Stop invading his private life. Enough is enough. Because no person deserves this, celebrity or not. There are limits and you have gone too far. We know pap pics are inevitable, what we are protesting against are the particularly invasive ones mentioned above. He doesn’t want this, neither do we!

So here is me, fighting back.
You can hop on over to Thinking Of Rob and help out in this effort. This is already reaching out and getting attention, so let's keep it going!!!!

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